Community Agreements

Mariame Kaba, an activist for transformative justice, designed the following tenets for gathering spaces, and we uplift these same practices:

“Homophobia, racism, misogyny (etc) are present everywhere, including in our activist, artistic, and progressive spaces. We are trying to practice compassion and care, especially for those in marginalized communities. If you’re called in during the event for displaying any kind of acts of power and oppression, we will talk with you and educate you, and we may invite you into a breakout room to discuss further. If you are unwilling or unable to address the behavior, we will mute you, or ask you to leave, or remove you. This is not punishment, but it is consequences. We are creating a space where we are accountable to each other.”

Community agreements for all meeting spaces/breakout rooms
These are the principles we’ll use to hold space during the week. We expect all Field Work participants and guest artists to adhere to these guidelines.

>> Lead with respect: Everyone deserves to be here. As we engage in the material, treat each other with high esteem and uphold a welcoming environment free from microaggressions, discrimination, or harassment of any kind.

>> Speak your truth: Your thoughts, feelings, and voice are inherently valuable.

>> Allow space for discomfort and uncertainty: Discomfort is inevitable, especially in dialogue about culture, society, identity, art, and race. It’s not the talking about these issues that creates divisiveness. The divisiveness already exists, but it is through dialogue, even when uncomfortable, that change begins.

>> Stay engaged: We invite you to be morally, emotionally, intellectually, and socially involved in the dialogue.

>> Take care of yourself: Life still happens even when we’re on Zoom. You know your needs best, we trust you to attend to them as necessary, and to send up a flare if you need assistance.

>> Embrace flexibility: Technology can be challenging, and we’re living in a pandemic. Things will inevitably go off-course at some point. We encourage generosity with yourselves and your colleagues when obstacles arise.

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