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Company One Media Contact: Tyler Prendergast

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Company One Theatre announces


Online Convenings for Civic-Minded Theatre Artists

a C1 PlayLab Open Circuit Program
produced in partnership with the Boston Public Library

Fall Convening: November 12-17, 2020
Registration is Pay-What-You-Want! ($0 minimum)

Boston, MA — Company One Theatre (C1) announces Field Work, a season-long program supporting new play makers who are seeking tools to navigate this Pandemic Year. With a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions, featuring guest artists and leaders from around the country, the convenings will explore what kind of community we want to wake up to, post-social-distancing. Thanks to partnership with the Boston Public Library, registration for Field Work is Pay-What-You-Want, starting at $0.

“As artists, how do we manage the political, cultural, and personal trauma of this moment?” said Ilana M. Brownstein, C1 Director of New Work. “Can creative practice support communal healing? We recognize the need for a hopeful artistic space where people can also grow the skills that will help us all bridge the deep chasms in our social landscape, especially after whatever this election week may bring.”

Registration is now open for Field Work’s fall convening, which will run November 12-17, 2020. The November session will look at the power of story to address cultural crises, including roundtables with inspiring changemakers, writing and story workshops that build resilience, case studies with local artists producing in the pandemic, and self care for creative practice. 

Guests include nationally renowned artists Diana Oh, Claudia Alick, Madeline Sayet, Mike Lew, Rehana Lew Mirza, Inda Craig-Galván, Francisca Da Silveira, Idris Goodwin, Shanaé Burch, and Viviana Vargas alongside local innovators and community leaders like Kara Elliott-Ortega, Tim Hall, Pascale Danice Florestal, and the teams from Asian American Theatre Artists of Boston (AATAB), Sparkhaven Theatre, and The Legion Tapes

The convening will be led by C1 dramaturgs Jessie Baxter, Ilana M. Brownstein, Jessica Scout Malone, National New Play Network Producer in Residence Jasmine Brooks, Associate Producer Alison Qu, and Mellon Foundation Resident Playwright Kirsten Greenidge.

Field Work is a C1 PlayLab Open Circuit Program. Like all of C1’s work, their playwright development programming aligns with their organizational mission to build community at the intersection of art and social change. The broad roster of guest artists from across the country participating in Field Work is a testament to the organization’s reputation for inclusive playmaking.

“When I speak in discussions and on panels around the country about how to move the theater field forward in centering artists and their needs, in equity, justice, and inclusion work, and in being true visionaries and leaders…the incredible, long-term work of Company One is always pouring out of my mouth,” said Jeremy Cohen, Artistic Director of The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis. “This is a collective of artist leaders who sees the bigger, brighter, more inclusive future for stages around the country…and, at the same time, does deep-rooted work right there in Boston and surrounding communities.” 

Company One continues their commitment to affordable opportunities for audiences and artists alike with the Pay-What-You-Want ticketing structure. “[Last year’s program] being free removed a HUGE BARRIER for me (as a parent-artist figuring out life with 2 kids),” wrote a 2019 participant of C1’s in-person program PlayLab Bootcamp, which evolved into the online Field Work convenings. “If we want to create rooms like the ones at Bootcamp where I saw people from diverse and various backgrounds and identities, including LGBTQ, people of color, disabled, young, elder, and so on, then we have to continue making high quality professional development free, affordable, and accessible for all who want to come.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Company One’s Bootcamp/PlayLab sessions as a guest artist twice, and I’ve loved my experience each time,” said award-winning playwright and dramaturg Jacqueline E. Lawton. “The programming is rich, diverse, rigorous, and inspiring. I wish that this type of programming had been available when I was an early career artist. Not only would I have appreciated the training and professional development, but these sessions also foster the beginnings of lifelong mentorships with professional theatre artists. And the participants are above and beyond some of the most talented students I have had the pleasure to meet. They make me feel hopeful for the future of the American Theatre!”

>> November Convening Schedule

Full details and updates will be available on the Field Work blog at

LIVE SESSIONSLive sessions happen only once, and are not available for later viewingPRE-RECORDED VIDEO DROPSPre-recorded sessions drop at the listed date & time, and will be viewable for attendees until Nov 20.
Thurs 11/12• 7-8p: Program kick-off
• 8-9p: Self Care = Self Love with Viviana Vargas
• 12p: Orientation video
Fri 11/13• 10-11a: Drop-in Zoom Room
• 12-1p: The Artists’ Civic Practice with Pascale Danice Florestal and Kara Elliott-Ortega (City of Boston)
• 7:30-9p: Keynote event with Diana Oh
• 9am: Producing in the Pandemic Case Study #1 — Sparkhaven Theatre
Sat 11/14• 11a-1p: Open Write with Kirsten Greenidge. Special Guests: Mike Lew & Rehana Lew Mirza
• 4p-5:30p: Open session with C1 Dramaturgs
• 9am: Producing in the Pandemic Case Study #2 — AATAB (Asian American Theatre Artists of Boston)
Sun 11/15• 10-11a: Drop-in Zoom Room
• 1-2:30p: Story Circle workshop with Shanaé Burch
• 9am: Producing in the Pandemic Case Study #3 — The Legion Tapes
Mon 11/16• 9-10ap: Writing Towards Resiliency with Tim Hall
• 12-1p: Office Hours with C1 Dramaturgs
• 9am: Story as Cultural Crisis Response with Madeline Sayet and Claudia Alick
Tues 11/17

•7-9p: Closing Circle — needs & gifts
9am: Navigating Artivism with C1 Surge Lab Writers — Inda Craig-Galván, Francisca Da Silveira, and Idris Goodwin

>> Future Field Work Convenings This Season

January 2021: Lowell Lecture
Field Work will return as a community for an evening with a national arts leader, sponsored by the Boston Public Library.

March 2021: Looking Forward
At the one-year anniversary of pandemic closures, a week of programming will explore what our Better Future looks like, with sessions on creative and professional development.

>> About Company One Theatre (C1)
For twenty years, Company One Theatre has situated itself as a home for social and artistic liberation by working to unite the city’s diverse communities through socially provocative performance and by facilitating the emergence of civically engaged artists.

By establishing a dedicated space for marginalized and alternative narratives to thrive, Company One has become a leader in the ongoing conversations that continue to define the era of social change in contemporary America. Consistently recognized for groundbreaking artistic excellence and for championing >>What’s Next in American theatre, Company One has been instrumental in attracting audiences that reflect the ever-evolving face and rich diversity of our society.


Company One Theatre builds community at the intersection of art and social change.


A Boston defined by justice, equity, and artistic innovation.


Welcome to our community, where every audience member, artist, student, and supporter has the opportunity to fight for social justice. At C1…

  • We strive to create intentional, authentic theatrical experiences that uniquely integrate content, style, space, and community.
  • We amplify new stories and adventurous theatrical forms to define what’s next in the American theatre.
  • We focus on growing our students’ authority, voice, and point of view, while developing artists into the next generation of change-makers.
  • Our work is responsive to what’s happening in our city, nation, and world.
  • We work towards justice by challenging inequity and oppressive systems.
  • Innovation, forward thinking, and collaboration lead the way.
  • We center our work on reciprocal relationships with community partners.
  • Representation is an act of social justice.
  • Our growth is motivated by questioning the status quo, internally and externally.
  • We strive for artistic excellence as defined by our collective community.

“To attend one of their performances is often to feel yourself immersed in exuberance, with waves of energy pouring from the stage, usually reciprocated by an avidly enthusiastic audience that is far younger and more diverse than the Boston theater norm.” The Boston Globe

>> About Boston Public Library

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>> C1 Contact
Tyler Prendergast
Marketing & Communications Manager
Company One Theatre
617-398-7089 •

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